Deliver messages that matter.

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If you are a Professional Speaker, chances are you will never make it to

Get Hayley’s book to find out why.

Hayley’s book is specifically designed to help professional speakers.

After working with over a hundred speaking professionals, and coaching hundreds of TEDx talks, she has identified why TED and TEDx Organizers avoid professional speakers. It turns out that many of the same behaviors that have enabled professional speaking success are exactly those which contribute to giving a terrible TED/TEDx talk.

Make your message matter. Learn the 12 most common mistakes professional speakers make, so you can avoid them and create a fabulous, engaging short talk.

Don’t Tank Your TED Talk, 12 Mistakes that Professional Speakers Make, identifies the behaviors that turn off audiences and the organizers of TEDx events. Packed with important insights, this entertaining read provides simple solutions that have worked for hundreds of other TEDx speakers and others delivering TED-style talks including - Boring Visuals, Not Starting Strong, Telling Long Stories and more. 

Don’t Tank Your TED Talk! Get Hayley’s book today.

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