Deliver messages that matter.

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I work with smart people to deliver messages that matter for the good of humanity.
Short Talk Expert®, Hayley Foster coaching & consulting has made hundreds of TEDx presenters shine. Her practice includes CEOs, novices, educators, artists and astronauts – and over a hundred talks by speaking professionals. Experience as one of the original TEDx organizers yielded a proprietary process for crafting original, compelling core messages that matter. Many of her distinguished clients agree, crafting and delivering a short talk to TEDx & other high stakes venues was the single best contribution to their professional development in years.
Attention spans are short. As interest in TED-style talks has permeated meetings and conferences everywhere, Hayley’s practice has broadened from TEDx speakers and speaking professionals to include anyone from any field with a good idea to present in a short talk. If you want to use speaking to gain visibility, you need Hayley to adapt to short form message delivery.
An NSA member since 2002, Hayley provides Delivering Brilliance keynotes and trainings, as well as short talk coaching services to individual speakers and events as a whole. Hayley was the designated Speaker Coach for six TEDxNASA events. She has mentored dozens of TEDx organizers and content curators worldwide. In the last ten years, she has seen seven talks she has coached rise to NSA member Bruce Turkel, CSP CPAE, was selected as a TEDx Editor Pick of the Week. Expert on Distinction Scott McKain says Hayley's popular Minibuk, Donʼt Tank Your TED Talk: 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make "should be used as a guide, for all speakers, for all talks."

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